a² Student Fairs & School Visits in Morocco

Casablanca, Rabat & El Jadida / November 21-25,2017
Casablanca, Marrakesh / February 16-20,2018


Since 2005, a² Fairs has organized the highest quality international education fairs in Morocco: the largest and safest student market in North Africa. We are expanding in Moroccan Market to discover Casablanca, Rabat and El Jadida cities in the Fall 2017 and Casablanca and Marrakesh cities in the Spring 2018.

Fall 2017 Morocco Fairs’ Details

The a² Student Fairs in Casablanca, Rabat & El Jadida aims to welcoming all level students & parents looking for all types of study programs abroad.

Mini College Fairs will take place at the best high schools in Casablanca and Rabat. Each day we will visit 2-4 different high schools where you will meet 10th, 11th and 12th grade students. Exhibitors will open a booth at these high schools, meet prospective students looking undergraduate degrees, language programs & summer schools abroad. These events will enable schools representatives to network among the top high schools in the country, and meet the most qualified Moroccan students. 

Fall 2017 Morocco Fairs & College Visits: Casablanca, Rabat & El Jadida / 21-25 November 2017
High School Visits & College Fair in Rabat/ November 21st 
High School Visits & College Fair in Casablanca / November 22nd
Student Fair in El Jadida / November 23rd
Student Fair in Casablanca / November 25th

Spring 2018 Morocco Fairs’ Details

a² Spring 2018 Morocco Student Fairs will be held in 2 major cities: Casablanca & Marrakesh and exhibitors will be able to meet all level students & parents looking for all types of study programs abroad.

Spring Morocco Fairs - Casablanca, Marrakesh / February 16-20,2018
High School Visits & College Fair in Casablanca / February 16
Student Fair in Casablanca / February 17, 2018
Student Fair in Marrakesh / February 19, 2018
High School Visits & College Fair in Marrakesh / February 20


Registration Fee Includes:

  • 2 representatives participation
  • 2 day student fairs in Casablanca & Marrakesh and 2-day high school visits in Casablanca & Marrakesh in Spring 2018
  • One gala dinner, lunches and coffee/tea breaks during the fairs
  • Transfers between Casablanca- Rabat- El Jadida in Fall and Casabalanca – Marrakesh in Spring via private bus
  • Web listing and other promotional opportunities
  • Basic fair equipment (table, chairs, table signs)

Important details about the Moroccan student market:

  • Student mobility from Africa has increased 6.7% in the last 5 years and Morocco became #1 student provider country in 2015/16 academic year.
  • The Moroccan government is encouraging and financing education/research abroad
  • The Moroccan economy is among the best in the region. A large portion of the population have A- or B+ income ranges; the same of which cannot be said of neighboring countries
  • Moroccan students are bilingual and interested in learning new languages
  • According to Open Doors Statistics, in 2015/16, # of Moroccan students studied in the USA, raised up 8,95% from 2014/2015

To see last year’s figures & statistics, please visit Past Fair Statistics

An Outline:

  • All types of programs at varying levels will be covered
  • Network with local and international organizations, embassies, foundations, associations and school counselors
  • Visit top public and private high schools to learn about their education system and school environments
  • Increased visibility and presence in the Moroccan international student market
  • Great return on investment for international education.

INFO about Fairs:

  • 24 years of experience in the education counseling & recruitment field
  • 16 years of experience in the study abroad fairs industry
  • Over 850 institutions from 56 countries have attended and continue to attend a² Fairs


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