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Welcome to a2 Turkey Fairs
Ankara, Istanbul, Izmir / March 01-07, 2018
Ankara, Istanbul, Izmir / October 11-18, 2018

is pleased to invite you to our Spring & Fall 2018 Student Recruitment Fairs in Turkey. At these fairs you will connect with thousands of motivated and qualified students seeking high schools, summer schools, certificate degrees, undergraduate, graduate, and language programs abroad, as well as Turkey’s top recruitment agencies, school counsellors, and local and international institutions.

Spring 2018 a2 Turkey Fairs:/ March 01-07,2018

Ankara / March 01,2018
Istanbul (European Side) / March 03-04,2018
Istanbul (Asian Side) / March 05,2018
Izmir / March 07,2018

Fall 2018 Turkey Fairs:  October 11 - 18, 2018

Ankara Fair / October 11,2018
Istanbul Fairs (European Side) / October 13 - 14,2018
Istanbul Fair (Asian Side) / October 16,2018
Izmir Fair / October 18,2018

What you can expect from a2 recruitment fairs:
  • Meet thousands of self-paying, qualified, and motivated prospective applicants.
  • a2 Smart Data Scanner: Collect students’ details with QR Code system and immediately interact with them afterwards. – NEW
  • Participate in special recruiting events in 3 major cities while visiting the top high schools in smaller cities.
  • Connect with local and international universities, high schools, foundations, associations, and embassies. 
  • Network with college and agency counselors,
  • Gain increased visibility on a² and partner websites, social media as well as printed promotional materials.

Please click here to see the registration fees

Registration fee includes:

  • Participation for up to two representatives
  • 30-minute seminars for the first 60 registrants
  • One gala dinner in Istanbul
  • All lunches on the weekend, dinners on the weekdays, and coffee/tea breaks
  • Basic fair equipment (table, chairs, back drops, and name boards)
  • Booth setup in Istanbul; table setup in Ankara and Izmir.
  • Website and fair catalogue listings, among other promotional opportunities


Discount & Promotions:

  • 10% Early booking discount for Spring 2018 fairs until December 15th
  • MULTIPLE REGISTRATIONS - UP TO 20% OFF (visit promotions & discounts page or contact our sales team for more discounted fair combinations)
About a² Fairs:

With 25 years of experience in the education and counseling fields, a² International Education Fairs has been organizing the most successful international student recruitment fairs in Turkey, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Morocco, Ukraine & Pakistan. With 4 sister recruitment agencies, 1 study abroad magazine, a2 Agents workshops, a2 seminars, a2 student webpages a2 Fairs creates marketing, recruitment, advertising and networking platforms for international schools in these regions.


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Visitor figures: 9,252 students in 5 fair days
Visitors per city:
Istanbul (Asian side): 1140 Students
Istanbul (European side): 4026 Students
Ankara: 2246 Students
Izmir: 1840 Students

Exhibitors: 61 institutions from 16 countries
Exhibitor Origins: Australia, Azerbaijan, Canada, Czech Republic, France, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Malaysia, Malta, Spain, Sweden, The Netherlands, Turkey, UK, & USA
Partner institutions: In addition to the international institutions, counseling agencies and the local & International sponsors, French Embassy / CampusFrance, US Consulate General Istanbul, Canadian Consulate, Nuffic Neso, Consulate General of Sweden in Istanbul, Education USA, British Council exhibited at a2 Turkey Fairs.

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Students Interests:

22,9% Language Programs (Language only and Language+ Master/undergrad students)
19,7% Undergraduate Degrees
33,0% Master & Postgraduate Degrees
5,8% Certificate Programs
6,4% Internships
8% High School
3,9% Summer Schools


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