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Moroccan Market Information

• Morocco is challenging the world with its investment in the education sector. The Moroccan Government earmarked 26.3% of the general budget for education. The government is also financing Moroccan students to study abroad and to undertake research.
• In 2013 Morocco had the largest proportion of students going abroad among African countries – 11.3% or 42,800 students. This makes the country a new and profitable marketplace for international educators.
• According to Open Doors Statistics, in 2015/16, # of Moroccan students studied in the USA, raised up 8,95% from 2014/2015.
• CampusFrance’s research shows that, 12% of the international students in France are from Morocco (the total # of international students in France is 309,642 and 36,768 students are Moroccans). According to recent data, 69% of literate Moroccans communicate in French, given the country’s colonial history.
• With the agreement signed in 2014 between the National Education Ministry and the British Council, English language became a focal point in secondary tuition, setting the basis for an increasing number of students pursuing higher education abroad.
• A significant flow of students pursue their studies in Anglophone institutions. English is the third language after Arabic and French.


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