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Pakistani Market Facts

• Pakistan is the 6th most populous country in the world with more than 180 Million people. 102 million of which are younger than 20 years old.
• There are hundreds and thousands of Pakistani students who travel abroad each year in order to attain higher education. UK, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Canada, Malaysia, South Korea, Turkey and Cyprus are the most popular study abroad destinations for Pakistani students.
• According to Open Doors Statistics, in 2015/16, 6.141 of Pakistani students studied in the USA, raised up % 14,7 from 2014/2015.
• 54 percent of the UK’s (non-EU) international students are from Pakistan.
• The USA provides the world's largest Fulbright Scholarship Program with over 200 scholarships for Pakistani students seeking advanced degrees.
• In Pakistan, there are 136 universities, of which 74 are public and 62 are private.
• English is the official language of Pakistan. Nearly all higher education courses are offered in English. Students from urban areas such as Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad typically score highly on the IELTS exam without much difficulty.
• IELTS is the most popular exam, but others, such as TOEFL, Pearson, and Cambridge, are offered.
• Every year, nearly 70,000 Pakistani student visas are granted.
• The most popular subjects for study abroad are business, accounting, finance, hotel management, engineering, IT, and English language foundation courses. The least popular subjects are health sciences, art, design, and law.
• Most Pakistani students and their families are primarily concerned with a school’s location, pricing, and anticipated living expenses. As this is a price-conscious market. Providers offering special packages, scholarships, or discounts ought to promote those heavily.

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