Maximize your visibility & your recruitment numbers with
a2 Advertising / Sponsorship  options

  • Fair Bag Insert: Fair bags are being distributed to each registered student at the entrance of the fairs to assist them in collecting brochures from participating institutions. These institutions have the option of inserting their school brochure (up to 6 pages) in the student bags to reach all fair visitors at one time! Inserts must be reviewed by a² Fairs prior to acceptance for inclusion and are accepted for full circulation only. It is also available to place the logo of the institution on the bag. TR 2000 AZ/MRC 1000

  • Web Advertising (banner at & webpages): Our official student website (for Turkish students) & Moroccan, Kazakh, Azeri students) have large visitor rates, particularly 2 months prior up until the end of the fair. The websites are unique places where students can pre-register for the fair, view the fair itinerary, find the latest list of participants coming to their city and become informed about any school promotions that will be offered during the fair. A banner at these websites will be a great opportunity to reach thousands of students and their parents.

  • Advertising in a² Magazine: The a²magazine is issued twice a year in conjunction with the biggest International Education Fairs in Turkey the a² Fairs. The aim of the magazine is to inform students about the study abroad options and the participating schools. Therefore the magazine reaches thousands of potential students at the prime recruitment periods.

  • Name Badge Sponsorship: If you would like your school name to be seen by students and other institutions during the fair, sponsor the visitors’ and exhibitor’s name badge.

  • Post Fair Email Shot: a² Fairs can send an email or an electronic flyer of your school to its post fair student database. This opportunity is only given to the schools who attend a² Fairs and wish to increase their recruitment chance. TR: 1500€ / MRC/AZ: 1000€

  • Staff Uniform Sponsorship: The sponsor logo will be placed on the back side and the sleeve of the staff t-shirts. Rate: 1000 Euro

  • Seminar Room Sponsorship: a² Fairs gives an opportunity to the school to decorate the seminar room with the sponsors’ logo & banners. The seminar board & the seminar program given out will include sponsor’s name & logos. TR:800 AZ/MRc: 500

  • Coffee/Tea Cup Sponsorship in Turkey: a² Fairs will be provided unlimited coffee / tea to all the fair visitors. The cups will include the sponsors’ name & logo.
    Rates: 3000€ for 2 cities, 3500€ for 3 cities (including production of the cup with school logo)

  • Dinner/Lunch Sponsorship: a² Fairs provides 1 gala dinner and lunch/dinner in each fair to all exhibitors. The logo of the sponsor will be placed into the menu cards and flags will be hanged into the rooms.
    Rate: 1000€

  • Signboard Sponsorhip: The sponsor logo will be placed on the signboards starting from the entrance of the event hall, which directs the corridors, coffe room, seminar room, fair venue etc.
    Rate: 1000€

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