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Northern Iraq (KRG) Market Information

  • Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) is a semi-autonomous region in northern Iraq
  • Erbil, the capital city, is the fourth largest city in Iraq
  • KRG with a stable government and peaceful atmosphere has a rapidly developing economy, in comparison to other areas of Iraq
  • The economy is heavily dominated by petroleum and natural gas reserves, attracting large numbers of foreign investors and increasing tourism
  • In 2011 the Region experienced an 8% growth rate, according to the KRG
  • Over 50% of the population of Kurdish Region is under 20 years old
  • Currently, there are only 11 public universities
  • According to ICEF Monitor, most of the growth of Iraqis studying abroad come from the Kurdish region
  • The top destinations for students are the US, the UK , Turkey and Malaysia
  • The Ministry of Higher Education in an ambitious initiative, has allocated US $100 million annually for The Human Capacity Development Program (HCDP) for highly distinguished students to continue their education in international universities
  • The HCDP will award 1,000 scholarships for graduate education and short-term training for various KRG Ministries
  • KRG region aims to create a body of human resources specialized and highly-qualified to lead and modernize the region’s free-market economy

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