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Moroccan Market Information

• Morocco’s population is approx.34 millions and %17 aged between 15-24
• Morocco is challenging the world with its investment in the education sector. The Moroccan Government earmarked 26.3% of the general budget for education. The government is also financing Moroccan students to study abroad and to undertake research. 
• In 2013 Morocco had the largest proportion of students going abroad among African countries – 11.3% or 42,800 students. This makes the country a new and profitable marketplace for international educators.
• According to Open Doors Statistics, in 2016/17, # of Moroccan students studied in the USA, raised up 9,3% from 2014/2015.
• CampusFrance’s research shows that, 12% of the international students in France are from Morocco (the total # of international students in France is 309,642 and 36,768 students are Moroccans). According to recent data, 69% of literate Moroccans communicate in French, given the country’s colonial history. 
• “Campus France,” is ranking Moroccans as the largest foreign student body in France during the 2017 academic year. The number of Moroccan students in France stood at 38,002, or 43.9 percent of foreign students in 2016-2017. This reflects an increase of 17 percent compared the 2011-2016 period.
• A significant flow of students pursue their studies in Anglophone institutions. English is the third language after Arabic and French.


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