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UK Student Market Information 

The majority of international students are studying at language and pathway courses in UK.
Therefore UK is one of the biggest further education provider in the world for EU and Non-EU international students.

United Kingdom is in the third European with the number of more than 1,500 students and located in the first fifteen country to provide international students to Canada after China, France and the United States (OECD).

It is mentioned in Telegraph article that recognizably more than 10,000 student who are educated in the UK continued their studies in US in 2013/14 term. In total, 30,000 students went outside the UK boarders at the same year to study which is almost double from previous year.

12% of the total Europeans who go to Australia are from United Kingdom.UK students prefer studying in Australia on the third place between non-European countries. 10% growth has been constant for the following years for the UK students. OECD data indicates that the biggest share came from United Kingdom students from European countries in 2015.
The Graduate Prospects survey found that for 33% the main motivation was actually an appetite for adventure. A further 26% cited a desire to build an international career.
A growing awareness among young people of the importance of international exposure was also recently noted by a British Council study, which found that one-third of UK adults that had not spent time living or studying abroad felt that it had harmed their career prospects. Among the under-25 age group, 54% believed that a lack of global experience was holding them back.

The number of courses taught in English is growing across Europe and the creation of the European Higher Education Area under the Bologna Process has made universities on the continent a much more credible alternative to studying at home. Universities in the US, Australia and Asia are also keen to recruit English students and international league tables can provide a good starting point when it comes to researching universities around the globe.