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We reach thousands of students and parents by promoting our fairs in various channels.

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How a² Fairs Are Promoted?

  • Large and numerous ads are placed in national newspapers and magazines.
  • a² Fairs actively uses Web Advertising & Social Media & promotes its activities through Facebook, Twitter and other highly visited web pages
  • Hundreds of billboards & megalight billboards in the key locations are used prior to the fairs.
  • a² Fairs coordinators are hosted & interviewed on TV shows.
  • All events are covered editorially as news in magazines, major newspapers and TV programs with our successful promotional campaign.
  • Advertisement spots are aired on the most popular radio stations.
  • Major websites list the fairs and carry news and information about each event.
  • Banner ads appear on the major websites.
  • E-mails are sent to over 1 million targeted addresses.In addition to a² Fairs databases, our sponsors and supporters send out a² Fairs’ invitations to their contact databases in mail exchange agreements.
  • Thousand of flyers & posters are widely distributed in high schools, universities, cafes, and movie theatres.
  • Direct invitations are sent to educational institutions & academic advisors.
  • 10.000 copies of ‘a² Magazine’ featuring articles on international education are distributed in major cities of Turkey.


Some of our past and ongoing sponsors


  • CNBC-e
  • Discovery Channel
  • Digiturk
  • Dream TV
  • HIT TV
  • Hazar TV
  • S’nek TV



  • Hurriyet
  • Milliyet
  • Radikal
  • Aksam
  • Haber Turk
  • Zaman
  • Afisha Magazine
  • Sezon Magazine
  • DBR Group (Turkish Major Magazines)
  • Le Matin



  • Radio Fenomen
  • Power FM
  • Power Turk
  • Number 1 FM
  • Radio NS
  • Radio Astana
  • Hit FM
  • Energy FM
  • Medi1



  • Yenibiriş (HR Website)
  • (HR Website)



  • Turkish Airlines
  • Atlasjet Airlines
  • British Airways
  • Emirates
  • Yapı Kredi Bank
  • Citibank
  • Western Union
  • Cinecity
  • DHL
  • BEKO

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