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Once you have completed the registration on this page, you will be contact by one of our sales specialist who will help you any next steps and answer any questions you may have. After all the details are confirmed, a traditional invoice that can be paid via bank transfer, cheque or credit card will be sent to you.

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Events & Venues

Online Turkey Clearance Fair Location Date Regular
Full Tour Online 27 July 2022 1000.00 EUR
All TurkeyOnline27 July 20221000.00 EUR
Fall Turkey Fairs Location Date Regular
Full Tour Istanbul European Side, Istanbul Asian Side, Ankara, Izmir 12-18 November 2022 5250.00 EUR
Istanbul European SideIstanbul Congress Center12-13 November 20223250.00 EUR
Istanbul Asian SideDedeman Bostancı Hotel14 November 20221100.00 EUR
AnkaraSheraton Hotel16 November 20221100.00 EUR
IzmirTBC18 November 20221100.00 EUR
Package 1: Istanbul (European&Asia Sides) + İzmirHotel12-18 November 20224750.00 EUR
Package 2: Istanbul (European Side) + AnkaraIstanbul Congress Center + Sheraton Hotel12-15 November 20224000.00 EUR
Package 3: Istanbul (European Side) + IzmirIstanbul Congress Center + TBC12-18 November 20224000.00 EUR
Package 4: Istanbul (European&Asia Sides) + AnkaraHotel12-18 November 20224750.00 EUR
Package 5: Istanbul (European Side) + Istanbul (Asian Side)Hotel12-18 November 20224000.00 EUR
Package 6: Istanbul (European Side) + Ankara + İzmirIstanbul Congress Center + Sheraton Hotel + TBC12-18 November 20224750.00 EUR
Fall Morocco Fairs Location Date Regular
Full Tour El Jadida, Marrakesh, Casablanca 24-28 November 2022 3950.00 EUR
CasablancaCollege and high school24 November 20221000.00 EUR
El JadidaStudent Recruitment Fair25 November 20221100.00 EUR
CasablancaStudent Recruitment Fair26 November 20222300.00 EUR
MarrakeshStudent Recruitment Fair28 November 20221100.00 EUR
Fall Azerbaijan Fair Location Date Regular
Full Tour Baku 03-04 December 2022 3250.00 EUR
BakuHilton03-04 December 20223250.00 EUR
International Counsellor Workshop Location Date Regular
Full Tour Istanbul 13-15 January 2023 2500.00 EUR
IstanbulHotel13-15 January 20232500.00 EUR

Optional Services

Each accompanying person will be charged 100 EUR per day.

Online Istanbul European Side Istanbul Asian Side Ankara Izmir El Jadida Marrakesh Casablanca Baku Istanbul

Istanbul European Side - Ankara Istanbul Asian Side - Ankara Ankara - Izmir

Flight reservations are only for the flights announced on the itinerary. The Flight requests not on the itinerary won’t be booked by a2 Fairs.

We have special rates at the hotels. To get these rates please contact us at

Advertising Options

Advertising Options Price
Inner Front Cover1500.00 EUR
1 Full Page Inside Magazine1000.00 EUR
a2 Fairs Website ( for Turkish Student (1 year)1500.00 EUR
a2 Fairs Website ( for Turkish Student (3 months)750.00 EUR
a2 Fairs Website ( for Azerbaijani or Moroccan Student (1 year)1000.00 EUR
a2 Fairs Website ( for Azerbaijani or Moroccan Student(3 months)500.00 EUR

Terms and Conditions

This booking will be governed by the following terms and conditions. The terms and conditions listed below are non-negotiable and exhibitors are requested to read them carefully before registering for the fair and sign it to prove that they are accepting.

1. a2 Fairs should advise the fair venue at least 3 months prior to the event. The organiser reserves the right to allot the layout of the event, change the fair location or reschedule the fair due to circumstances beyond its control.

2. The exhibition fee includes up to 2 participants, one dinner, all lunches or dinners within the fair itinerary and coffee/tea breaks and some promotional activities. For each additional colleague (no more than 4 participants) the exhibitor will pay 100 EURO per day.

3. The fair setup may vary in the form of table set up or booth configuration based on alphabetical order. The exhibitor cannot ask for the floor plan or to have a preferred location at the fair.

4. The exhibitors should set up their booth no later than 30 minutes before the opening time and leave no later than the closing time of the fair. The exhibitor set-up time is also marked on the fair itinerary.

5. Only the institution’s and participant’s names on the registration form will be allowed to be displayed on the stand. The exhibitors should exhibit their services or products in their booths only.

6. The exhibitors are responsible for the information to be included in the fair catalogue that will be distributed at the fair. If no information is received by the deadline, only the institution’s name will be listed in the catalogue.

7. By submitting the online application form and/or signing the manual registration form the exhibitors agree to be bound by a2 Fairs Terms & Conditions.


Payments, Cancellation & Refund Policy

All payments should be made in full by bank transfer to the listed account on the invoice no later than 40 days prior to the scheduled fair.

All charges and bank fees will be paid by the sender

Each exhibitor will receive a confirmation letter by email stating the details of the services they have selected during the registration.

If the exhibitor received any discount due to the promotion applied by the organizer, the exhibitor should remit the payment by the promotion deadline. Otherwise the organizer has the right to cancel the discount and invoice the difference of the regular fee.

Should the exhibitor decide to cancel participation, the written notice must be sent to a2 Fairs Istanbul Office by regular mail or fax which provides proof of delivery.

If the exhibitor informs the organizer by a written notice 3 months (90 days) prior to the fair, the organizer should refund the 100% of the of the registration fee to the exhibitor. If the exhibitor inform organizer by a written notice;

60-89 days prior to the fair, the organizer should refund the 80% of the of the registration fee

45-59 days prior to the fair, the organizer should refund the 60% of the of the registration fee

30-44 days prior to the fair, the organizer should refund the 50% of the of the registration fee, but no refund for the internal flight arrangements.

Less than 30 days: There will be no refund for any cancellations within the last 30 days before the fair. If the exhibitor decides to cancel the participation before making the payment, the cancellation fee according to the above rates will be paid by the exhibitor in any case.



If you book a space at a2 fairs, the following services will be offered for free of charge. 2 representatives participation, lunches, coffee / tea breaks, basic fair equipments (table, chairs, table signboards, name badges, Quick Banner printing) and some promotional activities like website listing.


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